About the Firm

Hollington Law Firm, LLC is one of the few Colorado construction defect law firms that represents home and property owners against builders, contractors, and their insurance companies. After years of defending these companies, the firm was started because ordinary Coloradans, like yourself, deserve a trusted legal advocate to represent their interests.

Why Choose Us?

A Commitment to Every Client

If you live in the Denver Metropolitan Area, then you have surely seen lots of law firms advertising on TV or plastered across billboards. In legal circles, we refer to these firms as "mills" because they grind out case and case, settling them for less than they are typically worth. These firms tend to accept every case they can find and then settle them cheaply and fast, one after another. The end result is that those firms may make a lot of money, but it is often to the detriment of the clients they are suppose to be serving.

At Hollington Law Firm, we take a different approach to the practice of law. Instead of accepting lots of cases to churn, we intentionally take fewer cases so that we can focus our efforts and resources on maximizing the value of our client's claims. This approach ensures that no stone is left unturned, and every avenue of justice is explored.

If you become a client, it's because we are ready to devote the time, energy, and resources needed to bring your case from the starting line all the way to the goal line. We pride ourselves on being a real law firm that handles real cases, not marketers focused on building a brand. You won’t find us on billboards or on a daytime TV ad. Instead, you will find us in conference rooms, courtrooms, and in person fighting on our clients’ behalf.

More than Legal Representation, Family

We get many calls from potential clients who are unhappy with their current lawyers. Generally, that person has gone with a larger advertising firm that has made big promises, but has gone radio silent. When the client calls their law firm, they can’t get past the receptionist and rarely get a call back from their actual attorney. That does not happen with us. When you hire us, you get us. We will never treat you like another case file or matter number.

When you choose us, you are not just acquiring legal counsel; you are becoming part of our family. We treat our clients with the respect and dignity they deserve. We approach every case with empathy, compassion, and an unwavering dedication to your best interests. Your struggles become our own, and your victories are celebrated as our own triumphs. This familial bond permeates every aspect of our practice, from the initial consultation to the final resolution. We cannot promise or guarantee results, but we can promise that we will fight for you, keep you informed, and keep you and your case top of mind from start to finish.

An Efficient, Cost Effective Experience

Our law firm operates on a "hybrid" business model. Legal technology over the past few years has revolutionized the way law firms are able to operate and service clients. While we do have physical office space available for our clients to utilize, the majority of our practice is handled virtually. We leverage virtual conferencing and digital technology that allows us to handle the majority of our consultations and case work remotely. Doing so allows us to conveniently meet with our clients on their own schedules and to reduce costly overhead expenses associated with permanent physical office space. The end result for our clients is a more cost efficient, streamlined, and higher-quality client experience.

Contact Us Today

If you find yourself facing construction defects in Colorado, you do not have to face the big builders and insurance companies alone. We are here, ready to stand beside you, to fight for your rights, and to pursue justice on your behalf. We offer all potential clients a free, no risk, consultation to see if we would be a good fit to work together. If you would like to schedule your free consultation, please either give us at call at (303) 276-2647 or click here to be taken to our scheduling page.